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Telephone: 0844 626 0133
Location: Dometic House, The Brewery, Blandford St Mary, Dorset DT11 9LS

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Dometic UK Ltd. manufacture and supply a wide range of marine equipment, including cooking appliances, refrigerators, energy systems, sanitation systems and toilets. Products can be purchased via a UK-wide network of sales representatives, details of which are available on the company website. Spare parts can be ordered directly from Dometic, also through their website.

Reviewed on: March 9, 2017

I replaced my pumpout with a Thetford cassette toilet around 3 years ago. After trouble with the electrics, the flush and the mechanism that operates the hatch through into the cassette, I finally threw it away and this time purchased a Dometic CTS4110, and it’s so much better. Sturdier, a better height, and although it has a china bowl, it costs less than £400, against Thetford’s equivalent toilet at £600. Don’t understand why Dometic is the lesser known brand as the product appears far superior. Only time will tell of course, but so far so good, and we all know how us boaters love our toilet talk!

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