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Canal Pages is an independent directory of inland waterways businesses, run by boaters for boaters and the inland waterways community.

alldevicesEach business listed has its own page, with visitors being able to search and find the service, product or professional they need quickly and easily. We have added a large number of pages for businesses ourselves, and will continue to do so over time. These pages can be claimed by the business owner, or if a business has yet to be listed, they can add a new page themselves. Both these services are completely free – and will always remain so.

Features of a page

All pages contain the following features:

  • a description of your business
  • contact information (address/location, telephone number and, if applicable, a link to your website)
  • a Google map of your address/location when possible
  • social media sharing facility for visitors to tell their friends and colleagues about you
  • business type categorisation to help visitors find your page
  • a managed review and ratings system for your customers to use
  • submission to major search engines

Adding or claiming a page

If you add a new page or claim an existing one, pages include these additional features:

  • a contact form for visitors to contact you directly by email
  • a full gallery for your business logo and promotional images (up to 6 images)
  • links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • the ability to respond to user reviews of your business

Spotlight pages – optional and low cost

Our pages with all the above features are free. However, if you would prefer a more prominent listing to promote your business, there is the option to purchase a Spotlight page, which costs £36 a year (the equivalent of just £3 a month) and offers these further additional features:

  • prominent placement within search results for the lifetime of your Spotlight page
  • the freedom to amend or expand your business description*
  • the freedom to expand your business type into up to 3 categories
  • placement amongst prominent featured listings in your chosen categories for 3 months, for maximum exposure
  • prominent placement on our homepage for 28 days**
  • extra promotion on both our Twitter and Facebook feeds to reach many additional potential customers (this amounting to 4 tweets and 2 Facebook posts)
  • contributing to the continued upkeep and development of Canal Pages (with our thanks)

If you choose to cancel your Spotlight page at the end of the 12-month period, your listing will remain on the site but as a free ‘Basic’ page.***

(*Please note that we monitor listing content and may deem it beneficial to correct spelling and grammar, and do some light copy-editing, but please be assured that this is to give your listing the best possible impact.)

(**Typically, this will be the initial 28 days of your listing. However, as we aim to limit the number of Spotlight listings we have on display on the homepage at any one time in order to maximise their impact, it is possible that your 28 days may be divided up into either two periods of 14 days or four periods of 7 days. These periods will usually be timed to occur within the first 3 months of your listing’s lifetime.)

(***As a free Basic page, business categorisation will become restricted to 1 category. Renewing your Spotlight page, meanwhile, will allow you to maintain categorisation of your business in up to 3 categories, as well as once again entitling you to all of the placement/promotional features outlined above for another 12-month period.)

Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and then if you’re ready to join Canal Pages, go ahead and add your business today – registration only takes a few moments. 

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Disclaimer: The information, views and/or opinions displayed within user-submitted pages and reviews are those of the author/user and not of CanalPages. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information included in user-submitted pages. © CanalPages 2015-20. All rights reserved. Terms and conditions.

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