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Whixall Marina

Whixall Marina

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Telephone: 01948 880 420
Location: Alders Lane, Whixall, Shropshire SY13 2QS

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Whixall Marina, situated on the Prees branch of the Llangollan Canal and arguably Britain’s most rural marina, offer both residential and leisure moorings for all sizes of narrowboat. They also offer a range of on-site facilities and amenities. Please note: if using a GPS navigation system to visit the marina, please use postcode SY13 2QP (rather than the postcode above).

Reviewed on: July 23, 2016

Whixall Marina is in a unique spot, being tucked away in the wilds of Shropshire and yet close to the busy Llangollen, so we enjoy staying there as visitors when we can. The services leave a little to be desired – for example, the showers are probably the strangest we’ve ever come across, the sanitary station is not well laid out, and broadband is virtually non-existent (avoid the provider I Need Broadband at all costs) – but generally the marina is well kept, and staff and residents are friendly and welcoming. It is a lovely and peaceful place.

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